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So you are thinking of renovating your house and finally getting that dreamed new look for your property. Whether you’re looking to add value, make improvements, get more space, or you are just getting ready to sell, we can make the process easier from start to finish.


We can help you choose from a range of finance options, depending on your budget, the size of your project, how you plan to carry it out, and the type of loan you may already have on the property.



If you have owned a property for quite a while, it is possible that you have a considerable equity, this as a result of paying off your home loan and the increase of property values.


Equity is the amount of your property that you own; it is calculated by subtracting your outstanding loan amount from the value of the property.


So if you are able to meet the repayments and the renovations you are planning will add value to the property, it is feasible that most lenders should be willing to lend you a percentage of your equity for renovations. The process to access your equity depends on your situation it could be accessed through methods such as redrawing, increasing your existing loan or refinancing your loan entirely.


 The building or construction loan is a product that works as a line of credit from which you’ll access funds as costs become due. With a progressive loan balance that changes over time you wont make repayments on the full value of the loan. This means you could save money by paying the first invoice before the next ones come in.


If a renovation is small you could consider a personal loan. These are generally not secured against your property and their interest rates tend to be higher, however, as it is a short term project you could be saving money on interests over time.


Let us know what your situation is and we will gladly advise on the best option for you.  

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