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So you are ready to take the leap and have decided to purchase a house? Buying a home is a big decision that takes preparation, exploration and budgeting. You’ll need to decide which property is right for you and how much are you able to borrow. Luckily we are here to make this process smooth all the way.


There’s a full range of products from different lenders that can suit your needs, we are here to narrow them down for you. We’ll give you a broad perspective on your lending options followed by an in-depth analysis on the reasons that make a specific product right for you, with this information you can select the right product.

Once you have made the decision, we will sort out the paperwork to get the loan process started. This might include sending an application on your behalf, and managing the entire process until your loan is approved.   


We can let you know how much you are able to borrow and we are more than happy to provide you with a pre-approval. We will also be able to support you with property reports for properties located in South Australia (Free of charge). These, among other perks, are part of our service. So what are you waiting for? Contact us!   

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